Forklift spare parts and accessories for all brands

Spare parts

We have 20 years experience in the import and sale of forklift spare parts. We import from the following countries: Belgium, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Italy and USA.

We have a large range of service and spare parts for the most common forklift brands at our own warehouse in Riihimäki. Spare parts and accessories can also be picked up from our Järvenpää warehouse (please inform us in advance before pick-up). In addition, we can deliver over 600,000 different spare parts within a 24-hour period, for all brands and models, from pump-trolleys to stackers:

Abeko (Actil), Ameise, Asea, ABB, Atlet, Battioni e Bagani, Baumann, Boss, BT, Caterpillar, Cesab, Clark, Crown, Daewoo, Dantruck, Datsun, Doosan-Daewoo, Fantuzzi, Halla, Hyster, Hyundai, Irion, Irion-Kalmar, Jumbo, Jungheinrich, Kalmar, Komatsu, Konecranes (SMV), Lancer, Lancer Boss, Linde, Logitrans, Manitou, Mic, Moffet, Mitsubishi, Nichiyu, NIK, Nissan, Ranger, Ravas, Rocla, Sisu, Steinbock, Still, Terex, TCM, Toyota, Valmet and Yale.

We also have spare parts for personnel elevation-platforms and cleaning machinery; for example: Genie, Haulotte, JLG, Upright, Skyjack, Grove, Tennant, Dulevo and Nilfisk.

Spare parts and wheels for pump trolleys, such as: BT, Pramac, Ravas, Totallift, Rocla, Logitrans, Mic, Jungheinrich, Hyster and Yale.

The most common types of lift-chains for forklifts are always available at our own warehouse, and can be cut down to size with our chain press.  Necessary connecting pins and links are also available at our warehouse.

Donaldson and Baldwin filters for forklifts, and other machinery. Over 250 different filters are in stock at our warehouse.

A-Trukit Oy is the official retailer for Perkins motors and spare parts.

We also sell Cummins, GM, Yanmar, Isuzu, Mazda and VM-Diesel machinery, and their spare parts.

At our warehouse in Riihimäki there are also a lot of new-old-stock (NOS) spare parts. In other words, these are unused original spare parts that may have damaged packaging due to storing. These are completely usable, but are sold at an extremely low price. At the moment NOS parts can be found for: Jungheinrich, Yale, Rocla, Toyota, BT, Hyster, Kalmar, Mitsubishi, Komatsu, Nissan and Asea forklifts, for example.

Accessories and additional equipment

Tyres and rims

We import and sell, for example: Solideal, Trelleborg, Ecomega and Total Source forklift tyres. We have pneumatic, flexible and elastic tyres for forklifts; these can also be installed on rims.

We import and sell Swedish Stellana-warehouse forklift tyres. Stellana is the primary installation tyre for: Rocla, Atlet and BT, amongst others. We purchase Stellana tyres directly from the manufacturer without any middlemen. Hence, the price is extremely affordable.

At our warehouse we also have used tyres and rims for different forklift brands.

For winter we provide the Nokia 21 winter-surface, which is manufactured in Finland and offers the best possible traction for a tough environment. These winter tyres are always in stock at our warehouse, in most common sizes. We can also put together a suitable tyre-rim package for your forklift.

Forklift forks and extension forks

We always have lift-forks for forklifts in our warehouse. Warehouse measurements are:100x40x1200, 100x40x1600, 120x40x1200, 125x50x1200, and 125x50x1500.

We also have extension forks in stock. Warehouse measurements: 100x40x2000, 100x40x2200, 100x40x2500, 125x50x2000, 125x50x2200, 125x50x2500, 150x60x2000 and 150x60x2500. Our extension forks are always CE approved. We also store Finnish extension forks that are exceptionally strong, and suitable for continuous work. We also offer hydraulic extension forks and their spare parts.

Forklift accessories

We sell quality forklift accessories that have been manufactured in Finland, such as personnel elevation-baskets, carpet poles, rotating devices, lifting beams, lifting hoists, barrel attachments, etc.

We deliver fork side-shifts, interlocks and clamps for forklifts. Interlock and clamp spare parts are also available for Auramo, Cascade, ELM Kragelund, Kaup, Mandigers, EML equipment, amongst others.

Forklift seats

We sell both mechanical-spring and air-spring seats. Brands: Grammer, Kab, Isri, Be-Ge, Sears etc. In stock at our warehouse are various seat models; for example: Grammer MSG20 and KAB 211, as well as other types of affordable basic seats. Spare parts for seats: padding, rails, cladding, seat covers, adjustment mechanisms, etc. In addition to seat covers, we have disposable garage protection covers and permanent covers.

Gas equipment and their spare parts

We can provide the Lovato steamer --- which is an affordable, so-called replacement, steamer --- to replace a faulty one. We also have the Beam 60 steamer for older forklifts.

You'll find that we also have Impco and Aisan service kits, electric shut-off valves, pre-filters, cylinder valves, etc., which are needed for gas forklifts.

We also offer quality gas-bottle holders that have been manufactured in Finland, in various models.

Batteries and capacitors, as well as battery accessories

Is your electric forklift in need of a new battery or capacitor? Or do you need to top up your battery, do you need battery plugs, or maybe you wish to buy an entirely new, automatic top-up system?

Tell us what you require and we will give you an unbeatable quote

Other forklift accessories as well as lubricants and liquids

We have everything you may need for a forklift: work lights, vehicle lights, beacons, reversal buzzers, voltage transformers, mirrors, heating equipment, pre-heating equipment, snow chains, model-specific stickers and paints.

A-Trukit Oy operates as the distributor for Gulf and Teboil lubricants. Ask for more details and a quote.

We also sell coolants at special prices. Ask for a quote.

Oils and liquids are delivered free of charge, when the order is at least 200 liters.

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